Smart Meters Can Make Smarter Consumers

Smart meters are digital electric meters that collect energy-usage information and securely send it to ComEd. In addition to eliminating estimated bills, smart meters give you access to more information about your electricity usage. You can then make changes that can help conserve energy and reduce your electric bills.

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Smart Meters Offer Convenient New Benefits

Through My Energy Tools you can access your hourly energy usage to understand how much energy you're using. You also can enroll to receive phone or email alerts when your usage is trending higher than normal for your household, and weekly energy breakdown emails to help you track and manage your usage throughout the month.
Nearly all estimated bills will be eliminated.
Take personal control over energy use.
Because a smart meter records energy consumption by the hour, residential customers with smart meters have the option to access hourly prices based on the cost to produce electricity. The more you avoid using electricity when hourly prices are high, the more you can potentially save. (Fees and restrictions apply.)
Starting in the fall of 2014, residential customers with smart meters will be able to enroll in Peak Time Savings. This optional pricing program helps you save by voluntarily reducing your electricity use at times when energy is most in demand, such as the hottest days of summer.