The Smart Grid Gives Power a Whole New Meaning

A smart grid is an electricity delivery system enhanced with digital technologies that detect problems on the electric system and notify ComEd so you experience fewer and shorter power outages.

The Smart Grid Provides New Opportunities

Automatic outage detection—once the grid is complete, you won’t have to call to report an outage
Lower operating costs that become savings on your electric bills

What Makes a Grid "Smart?"

In the same way that today’s “smart phone” technology merged the power of computers with cellular phones, smart grid technology merges the power of computers with the electric grid.

Smart switches automatically reroute power around problem areas so you experience fewer and shorter power outages.
Intelligent substations detect potential problems and automatically notify ComEd to help prevent power outages.
Smart meters provide you with more energy-usage data to give you greater control over your energy use and costs.

Reliability Improvements

ComEd is also making the following improvements to help reduce power outages caused by severe weather, trees and wildlife.

Testing, refurbishing or replacing overhead and underground cable
Inspecting, repairing or replacing wood utility poles
Installing new overhead cables that are stronger and have a protective coating