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Web Energy Tools


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See how My Energy Tools put you in control. Just log in to your ComEd account and select the “Use My Energy Tools” option beneath the “My Usage” tab. 


Making Energy Use Easy to Understand

My Energy Tools allow you to:

  • Compare your home’s electric usage to other similarly-sized homes in your neighborhood*
  • Determine if your household used more electricity this month than the same month last year
  • Discover great, energy-saving tips and rebates, build a personalized energy plan and more…

Smart Meters Make it Better

If your home has a smart meter, My Energy Tools are even more powerful. A smart meter will enable you to:

  • Track your energy consumption hour-by-hour and day-by-day to understand how much energy you’re using and when.
  • Sign up for Unusual Usage Alerts and receive a phone message or email when your usage is trending higher than normal for your household so you can react and save before your actual bill arrives.
  • Sign up for Weekly Energy Breakdown emails to help you track and manage your usage throughout the month without having to log in to your account.

* Similar homes comparisons (aka neighbor comparisons) may not be available for all customers.


Does your home consume more electricity than your neighbor’s home? Would you like to find out? If you’ve got a ComEd online account, you’ve got free access to My Energy Tools -- some of the most powerful and easy-to-use energy tools on the net.