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Energy Education

Education is power. As a STEM-focused company, ComEd is committed to investing in the country's future generation of innovators. We have created a variety of dynamic education programs focused on explaining how energy works, improving energy efficiency, and engaging you in learning activities that are relevant and interesting. Find out about the programs that can benefit you as a teacher, parent, student or adult learner.

K-12 Teachers & Students

Explore the importance of energy efficiency through games, reading materials, lesson plans, field trips to the ComEd Discovery Lab, and electrical safety presentations.

College Students

From internships to scholarships, find resources and programs that nurture student interests in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields at the college level.

Adult Learners

Our job training programs prepare adult learners for successful careers in the energy industry. We provide technical skills training and open up opportunities to explore diverse career paths.