Participate in Our Innovative Hourly Pricing Program

Individual cost savings are not guaranteed and will vary month to month based on weather, market conditions, and usage habits. However, the more participants avoid using electricity when hourly prices are high, the more they can potentially save with ComEd RRTP. Program participants like you will have access to hourly prices, and will receive high price notifications and alerts in addition to other useful information.

Other Potential Benefits

Helps reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.
Helps ease stress on the power distribution system during high demand periods.

Meter Exchange, Participant Charge and Program Commitment

Enrollment in this innovative program requires the installation of an electric meter capable of measuring and recording electric usage in hourly intervals. Other than your current monthly standard metering charge, there is no additional monthly meter lease fee for this hourly recording meter and you will not pay a fee for exchanging the meter. The exemption from the monthly meter lease fee and the meter exchange fee only applies to the first meter. If a customer has more than one meter participating in the program at their premises, this customer is subject to a regular monthly meter lease fee and a meter exchange fee for each additional hourly recording meter. Each meter associated with your ComEd account must be exchanged for an hourly recording meter in order to participate in the RRTP program.

Effective with the July 2012 monthly bills, RRTP participants will be charged an additional fee of $0.39 per month to participate in the program. This fee is subject to change as allowed by the Illinois Public Utilities Act.

RRTP participants must also remain in the program for at least 12 consecutive monthly billing periods. Thereafter, participants are free to leave the program if they wish..

Load Guard Automated Price Response Service

Additionally, ComEd RRTP participants who have central air conditioning units, Internet access, and participate in ComEd Central A/C Cycling can also participate in the RRTP program's Load Guard Automated Price Response Service. Load Guard is an innovative "set-and-forget" feature that is designed to automatically cycle a participant's central air conditioning unit "off and on" during high priced summer days. Participants can select a target price level— either 10¢ or 14¢ per kWh—that, once hit, will switch their central air conditioner into a conservation mode for a two-hour period.

To Learn More

You can receive additional information and sign up for the ComEd RRTP program and Load Guard by visiting the program's website at, or by calling a program representative at 888-202-RRTP (7787). Prior to enrolling, we recommend that you review the frequently asked questions on the RRTP program's website and review the ComEd RRTP Program Guide (pdf) to Real-Time Pricing, which includes information on how to understand your RRTP bill.

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