Getting the Most from Your Meter

Over the next 10 years (through 2022), all customers will receive a smart meter, which collects usage information hourly and automatically sends it to ComEd through a two-way wireless communications connection.

Whether you have a new smart meter or an analog one, you can use ComEd's online My Energy Tools to help you see how much electricity you use and learn how to better manage your energy dollars. My Energy Tools will also provide you with great energy-saving tips and offers, and it will even help you set a goal and build an energy-savings plan! Access My Energy Tools through your ComEd online account. Don’t have a FREE ComEd online account? Create one today.

Analog Meter

Most locations are equipped with a standard analog meter, which has a series of dials showing usage.

How to read your analog electric meter

  • Read all the dials in order from right to left.
  • Write or record the number in a left to right format.
  • When the hand on any dial is between two numbers, read the smaller number.
  • When a hand is directly on a number, read that number. If the hand to the right is on or just past zero; if it's not quite there, take the smaller number.
  • Write the number down from left to right
  • In this example, the meter reading is 73256.

Submit your meter reading

Did you know you can submit your own meter reading? After you learn how to read your meter, you can:

  • Enter your reading using your online account.
  • Enter your reading via the ComEd Mobile App on your Android or Apple device.
  • Email a photo of your meter reading along with your account number and/or service address.

Smart Meter

Locations within our pilot are equipped with new smart meter technology, recording usage hourly.

How to read your new smart meter

  • Your electric smart meter has an easy-to-read digital display, instead of dials.
  • The smart meter digital display will alternate between displaying five numerical eights (ie: 88888) and your energy usage in kWh.
  • To figure your total kWh energy use in a given time, simply subtract an earlier kWh energy reading from your current reading.
  • All meter reads will be automated so there is no need for customers to take a manual read and call it in.