Getting the Most from Your Home's Meter

ComEd is upgrading analog meters across northern Illinois with new smart meters that can help you save money on your electric bills. ComEd plans to install approximately 4 million smart meters at all homes and businesses by the end of 2018.

Whether you have a smart meter or an analog meter, you can access your ComEd online account to compare your electric bills, view energy-saving tips and learn how to better manage your electricity usage. If you haven’t already, create an account today using your ComEd account number.

Analog Meter

Some locations are equipped with a standard analog meter, which have a series of dials showing electricity usage.

How to read an analog electric meter

  • Read all the dials in order from right to left (see arrows above.) 
  • Write or record the number in a left to right format.
  • When the hand on any dial is between two numbers, read the smaller number.
  • When a hand is directly on a number, read that number. If the hand to the right is on or just past zero; if it's not quite there, take the smaller number.
  • Write the number down from left to right
  • In this example, the meter reading is 73256.

How to submit your meter reading

Did you know you can submit your own meter reading? After you learn how to read a meter, you can:

  • Enter your reading using your ComEd online account.
  • Enter your reading via the ComEd Mobile App on your Android or Apple device.
  • Email a photo of your meter reading along with your account number and/or service address.

Smart Meter

Other locations are equipped with smart meters which cycle through up to six easy-to-read digital displays, instead of dials. For a detailed explanation of each display, access ComEd's How to Read a Smart Meter fact sheet. 

How to read a smart meter

  • One of your six displays shows the cumulative amount of electricity delivered to your home in kilowatt-hours (kWh), from the time the meter was installed.
  • In this example, the meter reading is 298 kWh.
  • A smart meter automatically sends meter readings to ComEd, so they help eliminate estimated bills and the need for a meter reader to visit your home.

How to read your electricity usage

  • To figure your total kWh energy use in a given period, simply subtract an earlier kWh reading from your current reading.
  • If you’ve established a ComEd online account, you can log in to view your hourly electricity usage as soon as the previous day – no need to wait for your monthly electric bill.