Find Resources for Residential Customers

Residential Forms

Account Information Release Authorization Form (pdf)
This form will authorize ComEd to release to you or your agent (if you desire) up to 24 months of your electric account billing and usage data, to the extent it is available. You can use this form to request (1) Summary Data, (2) Interval Data, (3) Peak Load Contribution information or (4) Supply Group information.

Return to Bundled Service (pdf)
This form allows a residential customer receiving electric service on Rate RDS to return to the applicable ComEd Basic Electric Service bundled rate. There is a minimum eighteen (18) calendar day lead time notice required for this form.

Designation of General Account Agent (pdf)
This form allows a residential customer to designate an agent to arrange and manage services provided by ComEd.

Agency Termination (pdf)
An agent or a customer must use this form to terminate an agency relationship that has been established. A signature is required as validation for this form.


Download documents to help you navigate through the customer choice process and options.

Residential Customer Handbook (pdf)
Supplier List (pdf)
Meter Reading Schedule 2014 (pdf)
Meter Reading Schedule 2014 (xls)
Meter Reading Schedule 2015 (pdf)
Meter Reading Schedule 2015 (xls)
Meter Reading Schedule 2016 (pdf)
Meter Reading Schedule 2016 (xls)

BESH (Hourly) Election

For additional information regarding ComEd's Basic Electric Service – Hourly (BES-H), the rate used to determine the monthly electricity bill for residential customers who participate in ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program, please call 888-202-7787.

Blocking and Unblocking

Residential customers who want to limit access to their account number and associated meter number or who want to keep this information private, can block the release of their billing and usage data.

To block or unblock, call 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661) and indicate you do not want your data released to anyone.