Receive Outage Alerts on Your Mobile Phone

Subscribe to the Outage Alert program and you can receive text messages that alert you of estimated restoration times and other important outage information affecting your ComEd service. Please note that ComEd does not charge customers for this notification. Message and data rates may apply. Up to 21 outage alert messages per week. Text STOP to 26633 (COMED) to cancel alerts and HELP to 26633 (COMED) for information.

Outage Alert Program Information

The Outage Alert program is for ComEd customers who subscribe using the form below or by texting ADD OUTAGE to 26633. 

Are there fees for this service?
There is no additional charge for this service, although messaging and data rates may apply based on your mobile carrier plan. The service works for all major and superregional mobile carriers.

How will I know that the enrollment was received and accepted?
Once you have signed up to receive the alerts, you will receive the following text message informing you that you have been enrolled. "You have opted in to ComEd's outage and restoration notification service. Messaging and data rates may apply. Txt STOP to terminate and HELP for info."

What type of messages will I receive?

  • An outage has been reported (by you, another customer or automated system monitoring) affecting your service
  • An outage has been reported and an estimated restore time has been determined
  • A crew is working to restore the outage and an estimated restore time has been determined
  • The outage affecting your service has been restored

How often will I receive an alert?
When an outage has been reported, you will receive a message notifying you of the outage affecting your service. Typically, a notice is sent out 30 minutes after we have confirmed the information on a particular outage, so you may not receive a text message immediately upon our system identifying the outage.

When an estimated restore time is determined, you will receive a message with that time. If the estimated restore time changes, a message will be sent with that new estimated restoration time. When your service is restored, you will receive a restore message.

This text alert program is a 24 x 7 notification system. You will receive a maximum of 21 ComEd outage text alert messages per week. 

What if I want to stop receiving alerts?
Simply transmit the word STOP. Upon receipt, we will immediately stop sending notifications to that number, although a removal confirmation message will be sent. The text message received would be: "You have successfully unsubscribed from ComEd outage alerts. Text HELP for information or visit"

What if I change addresses or mobile phone numbers?

Simply Opt Out on this website using your old account information and then Opt In using your new account information.

What if I need help with the subscription to this program?
Send an email to for text messaging subscription support. Call 1-800-EDISON1 (1-800-334-7661) to directly contact ComEd regarding a power outage.

To subscribe to this service, please complete the form below and click "Enroll." If you are already enrolled and wish to cancel your enrollment, text "STOP" to 26633.  You will receive a text message on the subscribed mobile phone confirming your enrollment or unenrollment.

Notify me of an outage in my area, the estimated repair time, and restoration of service.
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