Improve Motor Efficiency with Variable Speed Drives

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Effective July 15, 2015, all projects applying for Smart Ideas® Standard or Custom incentives will be placed on a waitlist, due to the high volume of Program Year 8 (PY8) Pre-Approval Applications received. A waitlist is necessary to ensure funding availability for approved projects. All projects now require pre-approval.

The waitlist only applies to Standard/Custom incentives. It does not affect other ComEd Energy Efficiency Program elements such as Assessments, Data Centers, New Construction Service, Optimization/Studies, Residential or Small Business Energy Savings.

Installing variable speed drives (VSDs) or variable frequency drives (VFDs) on existing motors allows their operation to be continually tuned to actual demand, resulting in substantial energy savings. Smart Ideas® incentives are available for VSDs on HVAC chillers, fans, pumps and air compressors.

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Funds are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.