Make Your Multi-Family Property More Energy Efficient

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ComEd, along with Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, offers building managers and owners energy efficiency upgrades and incentives through the Multi-Family Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program.

  1. Free energy assessments: An energy advisor will complete an onsite assessment of your property’s common areas, central plant and building shell as well as in-unit sampling. You will receive a customized report summarizing free energy-saving installation options, energy efficiency capital improvement recommendations, available incentive dollars and a cost-benefit analysis for future improvements.
  2. Free energy-efficient products: Owners and tenants can save energy, reduce utility costs and improve tenant retention by installing energy-efficient products, including CFLs, showerheads, faucet aerators, programmable thermostats and pipe insulation in each unit at absolutely no cost.
  3. Discounted contractor-delivered services: Pre-negotiated discounted energy efficiency improvements and services which may include lighting upgrades, exit signs, lighting controls, steam pipe insulation and boiler tune-ups.
  4. Standard and custom rebates: Complete a recommended energy saving upgrade or custom project and you may be eligible for additional rebates. Contact our program implementer, Franklin Energy Services, at 855-433-2700 or send an email for information on all of these energy-saving solutions.

  1. Call 855-433-2700 and select option 2, then option 1 for Smart Ideas for Your Home to schedule an appointment for a free energy assessment and installation of free energy-saving products.
  2. Receive your free in-unit product installation and recommendation report.
  3. Complete an additional savings project from your report using one of our participating contractors OR choose your own contractor.
  4. Receive your rebates on qualifying projects.
  5. Enjoy your energy savings.

Tenants: Let your landlord or property manager know about the Multi-Family Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program’s FREE and low-cost energy-saving opportunities. Once your property enrolls in the program, trained technicians will install the energy-saving products

Smart Ideas® is funded by ComEd customers in compliance with Illinois Law

When applying for electric savings based rebates, you’ll need to fill out and submit the Business Information Addendum (pdf)