Save Money with Programs and Incentives for Your Business

ComEd Smart Ideas® is about improving the value you receive from your electric energy dollars and in the process, saving money and protecting the environment. Whatever your business, we have incentives to help you.

Effective July 15, 2015, all projects applying for Smart Ideas Standard or Custom incentives will be placed on a waitlist, due to the high volume of Program Year 8 (PY8) Pre-Approval Applications received. A waitlist is necessary to ensure funding availability for approved projects. All projects now require pre-approval.

The waitlist only applies to Standard/Custom incentives. It does not affect other ComEd Energy Efficiency Program elements such as Assessments, Data Centers, New Construction Service, Optimization/Studies, Residential or Small Business Energy Savings.

Effective September 28, 2015, Business Instant Lighting Discounts (BILD) and Business Products Discounts (BPD) are closed for PY8 due to strong program participation. Continue to check this web page for updates or contact us at 855-433-2700 with any questions.