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With rising costs and growing competition, owning and operating a business is more challenging than ever before. When it comes to energy costs, ComEd's Smart Ideas for Your Business® can help you reduce your use. Working with you, we can show you how to create a more energy-efficient business with an improved bottom line.

Facility Assessment

ComEd can help your business find energy-saving opportunities throughout your facility. Request a FREE facility assessment to get started.

Small Business

Learn about typical electrical consumption for your type of small business and explore ways to improve energy use.

Commercial & Industrial

Discover energy-reducing ideas specific to your organization, and learn about incentives that are available to you.

Programs & Incentives

Take advantage of ComEd’s Smart Ideas for Your Business incentives that can help you reduce your energy consumption.


Explore case studies, fact sheets, videos and other valuable resources.

Energy Tools

Apply data to create energy management techniques that can help your business reduce operating costs and enhance efficiencies.

Find a Contractor

A Smart Ideas contractor can help you implement energy-efficiency improvements and apply for Smart Ideas incentives.

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