ICC Approves ComEd's Grand Prairie Gateway Project

The Illinois Commerce Commission announced Oct. 22 that it has approved ComEd’s Grand Prairie Gateway Project, a new transmission line that will extend for 60 miles across Ogle, Dekalb, Kane and DuPage Counties. The new line will create immediate customer savings by reducing grid congestion, increasing customers’ access to lower-cost generation, including wind power, and will reduce carbon emissions by 473,000 tons over 15 years. Construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of next year and the line is expected to be in service in 2017.

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High voltage electricity is moved across the electric grid by transmission lines. Just like highways that don’t have enough lanes, transmission lines with insufficient capacity become congested, reducing efficiencies and increasing  costs of delivering power. PJM Interconnection, the independent regional transmission grid operator and planner for the ComEd service territory, has approved the Grand Prairie Gateway Project as the best solution for addressing current system congestion and ensuring the continued efficient flow of electricity across northern Illinois.

System congestion increases the costs of delivering power to customers. The addition of this new transmission line will allow for more efficient flow of electricity across the grid, alleviating congestion and reducing costs. The proposed line adds a third west-east path across the ComEd territory, which provides ComEd with more options to meet customer needs.

On October 22, 2014, the Illinois Commerce Commission issued ComEd a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to construct, operate and maintain the Grand Prairie Gateway Transmission Line.

ComEd is preparing for right-of-way acquisition along the approved route. Construction is anticipated to start as early as the summer of 2015 and the line is scheduled to be in service in June 2017.

Case Information: All information related to the case including the application, case filings, the case schedule and ICC rulings can be found on the ICC's e-Docket.

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