Commended for Our Commitment to the Environment

While we're happy to have been recognized for our contributions to a healthier environment, we continue to search for new ways to reduce our environmental impact and enhance the region.

ComEd received the USEPA Organizational and Team Leadership Award for SF6 management in 2014. ComEd's SF6 team is responsible for setting annual program targets and reduction goals for SF6.

As a result of the team’s efforts, ComEd has decreased its SF6 leak rate in each of the past ten years. While industry average leak rates (emissions/total nameplate capacity) are 3.8%, ComEd's 2012 leak rate was 0.55% for 2012 and 0.25% for 2013.

ComEd named Large Business Partner of the Year. USEPA recognized ComEd for “Outstanding Waste Reduction Achievements as a Waste Wise Partner” with the 2014 Waste Wise Award.

ComEd awarded “Wildlife at Work” certification/recertification from the Wildlife Habitat Council for the following ComEd prairies (2014):

  • West Chicago (recertification)
  • Buffalo Grove (recertification)
  • Superior Street (recertification)
  • Kloempken (new certification)
  • Cherry Valley (new certification)

The Wildlife Habitat Council’s Wildlife at Work program provides cooperative efforts between management, employees and community members to create, conserve and restore wildlife habitats.