Shedding light on the performing arts

We're proud to play a supporting role with many outstanding Chicago theater companies that continue to reinforce the city's reputation as a stage for the best in live performances.

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ComEd is proud to be the lighting sponsor of the Goodman Theatre, one of Chicago’s oldest and largest not-for-profit theatres. The Goodman Theatre presents highly acclaimed productions with an eclectic blend of talented artists. As a not-for-profit theatre, they also help enrich community and educational programs. Its presence as an important cultural organization in Chicago is unwavering.

Another lighting sponsorship for ComEd is with the Steppenwolf, which since its formation in 1976 has continuously inspired audiences through their thoughtful and moving performances. Steppenwolf’s gifted group of artists is celebrated internationally. Recognition from theatre critics and a growing subscription base are obvious indicators of the irresistible charm of this Chicago theatre.

ComEd is proud to have supported the Lookingglass Theatre since its founding a little more than 20 years ago. The theatre has attracted a lot of support for their forward-looking theatre methods and performances. The Lookingglass also shares their unique approach with students and community members through their education and community programs. Their passionate ensemble and productions are always memorable.

ComEd is a season sponsor of Silk Road Rising, formerly known as Silk Road Theatre Project, which uses its collection of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian playwrights to create works from Asian American and Middle Eastern American perspectives. The theatre’s productions focus on themes that address the experience of the Silk Road and their Diaspora communities. Silk Road Rising always offers an eye opening and enlightening experience.

If you are driving on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago’s DePaul neighborhood, you can’t miss ComEd’s commitment to the Victory Gardens Theater, whose marquee credits ComEd’s lighting sponsorship. Since its opening in 1974, Victory Gardens Theater has continued to develop a favorable reputation as a superb Chicago performance center. A core community of diverse artists helped produce more world premiers than any other Chicago theatre. Victory Gardens Theater continues to reinvent itself and attract a larger audience everyday.

Set in Chicago’s northern suburbs, the Northlight Theatre boasts its ability to create intensely entertaining pieces. In 2011, ComEd became its official lighting sponsor. From contemporary dramas to musicals and new twists on old classics, Northlight Theatre never fails to accomplish this feat. Compassion is present in their performances, as well as their community outreach programs.

Chicago Children’s Theatre, for which ComEd is a season lighting sponsor, provides Chicago families with professional theatre programming that will enthuse creative thinking. The people behind Chicago Children’s Theatre saw a need for quality year-round programming for children and decided to fulfill that need. Established in 2005, this venue continues to create splendid productions and foster children’s imaginations.

The ComEd Festival of Trees at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet is a weeklong celebration featuring holiday decorations, movies and special events. The theatre is host to a variety of performances and events, and its beautiful architectural details inspired by Greek, Roman, and French influences add splendor to the area. It is a venue, rich with history, and it continues to impress its patrons today.