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Boost Efficiency Levels on Your Farm

Controlling expenses in your agricultural operation is critical to making a profit. Improving the efficiency of key electrical equipment can save money, improve production and boost profitability.


Capture Savings

Some farms and ranches are able to capture big energy savings by installing high-efficiency motors, fans and lighting. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers cash incentives that reduce the cost of equipment upgrades and make it more affordable to install energy-efficient technologies, such as:

  • LED, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent and other energy-efficient lighting products and controls
  • Engine block heater timers for farming equipment engines
  • High-volume, low-speed fans
  • High-speed exhaust and ventilation fans

​Not Sure Where to Start?

1. Schedule an Assessment

Call 1-855-433-2700 and request a Facility Assessment. A ComEd energy advisor will assess your facility and equipment for potential electrical savings during a two-hour site walkthrough.

2. Receive Recommendations

Within three weeks, you will receive a high-level summary recommending energy-saving changes and upgrades that can improve the energy efficiency of your business.

3. Make Improvements & Apply for Incentives

After you have decided which energy-saving improvements you want to make, consult the ComEd Trade Ally Directory to find a contractor who can provide the products and services you need and help you apply for ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives.


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​Average Energy Use on a Dairy Farm


Milk Cooling 25%
Ventilation 19%
Water Heating 18%
Vacuum/Receiver 17%
Lighting 15%
Other 6%

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​Bonuses Available

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​Fact Sheets

 Farm Fact Sheets

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​Applications & Worksheets

 Applications & Worksheets

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