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Energy Savings for Public Housing Authorities


Lower Your Operating Costs with Free Products and Services

Our team of experts will provide technical and financial assistance to your Public Housing Authority to enhance tenant comfort and improve your bottom line.

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  • Public Housing Authority and tenants save money on energy bills
  • Better lighting indoors and outdoors improves tenant safety
  • Weatherization upgrades provide enhanced tenant comfort
  • Products and services lower your property’s carbon footprint

What Our Customers Are Saying

"KCHA takes advantage of all the ComEd programs that it can. The product is great, the workmanship is very professional, and the end result – energy savings – is ultimately achieved. You cannot go wrong."
- Randy M., Kankakee County Housing Authority

"We look forward to our continued partnership with ComEd to identify opportunities to bring similar efficiency upgrades with energy reduction and cost savings to other CHA properties."
- Ellen S., Director of Sustainable Initiatives, Chicago Housing Authority

Get Started

Call ComEd today at 1-855-433-2700  to schedule your free energy assessment.

Affordable housing developers can receive technical guidance and incentives for enhancing energy efficiency in new construction or major renovation projects (updating two or more building systems) that serve income-eligible residents. Find more details.

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Public Housing FAQs

Learn more about Public Housing energy upgrades.

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