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Use Less Energy and Save

Whether you’re a tenant in an apartment, single-family home, duplex or townhome, we can help you use less energy and save on your electric bill.

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On a limited budget? Start saving money on your energy bills with these energy-saving offerings specially designed for low- and moderate-income customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"So grateful for those items. We are low income and reluctant to purchase these items because we rent our home, so it's hard for us to realize the long-term investment. We are energy conscious and will use all items." -Customer response after receiving an energy-savings kit

"This was a great way to help customers learn important ways to save on your energy bills. As a senior on Social Security and a fixed income, this really helped me reduce my energy bills! Thanks!!!" -Customer response after receiving an energy-savings kit

Energy Savings Kits

Lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact with an energy savings kit. Call your local community agency and you may receive a FREE kit that includes energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators, an advanced power strip and more. Plus, you’ll receive information on energy-saving actions that can help you save even more.

Contact your local community agency for eligibility details and ask for your free kit to be mailed to your home. Once you have your kit, view our short videos explaining how easy it is to install your new products.

Local Community Agencies

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I totally didn't know I needed this great energy efficiency kit! I’m on a very fixed budget, I could never purchase these items on my own!" -Customer response to survey

"My energy efficiency kit was extremely helpful in my household. The bulbs are amazing, and the showerhead is fantastic. All the products are top-shelf, thank you." -Customer response to survey

Instant Discounts

Simply visit a participating neighborhood retailer and look for the ComEd Lower Price sticker to get instant in-store discounts on these energy-saving lighting and home products.

ENERGY STAR® certified LED
bulbs and fixtures
  Advanced power strips, ENERGY STAR certified
air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and room air conditioners

Food Bank LED Distribution

ComEd provides ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs to more than 600 local food pantries through Feeding America food banks and our extended network of food banks, pantries and community-based organizations.

If you are shopping at one of these food pantries, ask about FREE LEDs.

Here are two ways to find a local food pantry:

Feeding America Website

  • Enter your ZIP code on the Feeding America website
  • When your food bank detail appears, select "Find Food" for a list of your local food pantries.

Feeding America

Additional Illinois Partners in Hope and extended network of pantries

Find a Pantry

Home Energy Savings

Wherever you live, your landlord or building manager can get FREE energy upgrades that can help you save money and energy.

Ask your landlord to call 1-855-433-2700 to discover how easy it is for both owners and tenants to start saving.

Single Family Home Energy Savings
Multi-Family Home Energy Savings

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