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Make IFTTT Your Energy-Saving Partner

Looking for a simpler way to help you save money on your electric bill? With an “If This Then That” (IFTTT) applet, you have another convenient tool to help you take control of your energy costs.

How Can I Use IFTTT with my ComEd Service?

ComEd has partnered with IFTTT, a free web-based service, to create applets for customers who participate in ComEd’s Peak Time Savings (PTS) program and Hourly Pricing rate. Seize the moment of automatically using cleaner energy by taking advantage of the Carbon Index applet. This applet will allow you to automatically reduce emissions associated with the electricity you use.

Applets work with your energy-related home products to help you take advantage of energy-saving opportunities.

Get Started with IFTTT

Benefits of Using IFTTT

For customers enrolled in Peak Time Savings or Hourly Pricing, IFTTT can help you save even more energy and money. You can also automatically reduce carbon emissions associated with the electricity you use.

Here are a few ways IFTTT can help you save:

Peak Time Savings

IF Peak Time Savings Event is in progress 

THEN Adjust Smart Thermostat

ComEd alerts you when Peak Time Savings Hours will occur → Prior to the start of PTS hours your IFTTT applet will set your thermostat a few degrees lower to pre-cool your home → At the start of the PTS Hours, the IFTTT applet will raise your thermostat a few degrees. → Once the Peak Time Savings Hours are over, the applet turns your thermostat back to its original schedule.

Hourly Pricing

IF Hourly Pricing Average Price is High

THEN Call Phone

The average price for Hourly Pricing customers is over your set price → Your IFTTT applet sends you a voice text announcing that the price has exceeded your preferences → You can have your smart appliances or electronics automatically turn off or adjust their settings to help save money on your electric bill.

Carbon Index

IF the Carbon Index is dirty

THEN Adjust Smart Thermostat

To help minimize your carbon footprint you can now react when carbon index is high  → During High Carbon Index, your IFTTT applet automatically adjusts your thermostat temperature → Once the carbon index is clean, the applet turns your thermostat back to its original schedule. 

Getting Started


To use IFTTT with your ComEd service and help you save on your energy bill, you must:

Link Your ComEd My Account to Save Energy!

Create Your Account
Visit and create an account. You can also download the IFTTT mobile app for added convenience.

Search for ComEd Service
Click on the “Explore” tab, search for ComEd and select Services, then select ComEd Service.

Activate a ComEd Applet
Select applet and click the “Connect” button.

Link your ComEd My Account
Enter your ComEd My Account login and password to authenticate.

Customize Applet
Enter parameters on the applet settings page to customize to your needs.

You are ready to go!
Feel free to explore and create your own applets on IFTTT.


For questions about IFTTT, email us at

I acknowledge and agree that ComEd is providing data delivery with IFTTT compatibility “as-is” and ComEd makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the data or the availability, timely delivery or receipt of the data. I understand and agree that I am not entitled to any compensation related to my enrollment/participation in the IFTTT offering. This includes, but is not limited to, events in which data is inaccurate and/or I do not receive the data.

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