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Free Energy Savings Kits

Contact your local community action agency to see if you qualify for a free energy savings kit, you can potentially save up to $300 per year on energy bills. Keep reading to learn how to participate.

Energy Savings Kit Items

High-efficiency faucet aerators, high-efficiency showerheads, shower timer, LED nightlight, LED bulbs-various sizes, weatherstripping, pipe wrap, insulation, and more!

How It Works

  1. Contact your local Community Action Agency for eligibility details.
  2. Provide your ComEd utility account number and verify your income.
  3. The Community Action Agency staff will educate you about energy efficiency program available to you and sign you up to receive a free kit. 
  4. We ship your kit directly to your home – you will receive your kit within 3 to 5 weeks after sign-up.
  5. Once you have your kit in hand, follow the product installation instructions enclosed in the kit and start saving money and energy! You can visit our product installation microsite to view short step-by-step videos that make installing your new products easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

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