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Compare Demand Response Programs

 Peak Time SavingsCentral AC Cycling
Earn Summer Bill Credits Yes Yes
Certainty of Receiving a Summer Bill Credit No Yes
$5/month Summer Bill Credit ($20 Total) No Yes
50% Cycling Option
$10/month Summer Bill Credit ($40 Total) No Yes
100% Cycling Option
Requires Central AC Unit No Yes
Requires Switch Installation on Central AC Compressor No Yes
ComEd Performs Energy-Saving Actions Automatically (no need to be home) No Yes
Participant Manages All Energy-Saving Actions Yes No
Total of Summer Bill Credit For Most Customers Fall Between $10-$20 Yes No
Potential to Earn More than $40 in Total Summer Bill Credits Yes No
Can Leverage Smart Technologies and IFTTT* to Increase Bill Credit Amounts Yes No

*If This Than That Customers may not participate simultaneously in Central AC Cycling and Peak Time Savings.

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