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Rebates & Discounts

Rebates and Discounts

Appliances and home products come with two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. ComEd helps customers save by providing rebates and discounts to reduce the purchase price for energy efficient products. By selecting an energy efficient product, customers save money on operating costs from lower energy use without sacrificing performance. ComEd rebates and discounts put the power to save directly into your hands.

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The Lowdown on the Labels

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assigns ENERGY STAR labels to products that fulfill strict requirements for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023, is a distinction that recognizes products that deliver cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the WaterSense label to make it easier to find and select water-efficient products that can help your wallet and the environment.

Not sure where to start? Compare efficient appliances, including products with ENERGY STAR labels with ComEd Efficient Choice. Ready to purchase? Visit ComEd’s Marketplace or our retail partners to find products with the ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labels.

Home Products and Appliance Rebates & Discounts:

Electric Clothes Dryer - $40

ENERGY STAR® certified
See Eligibility Requirements
Gas dryers do not qualify
≥ 4.4 Cubic Feet

Refrigerator - $50

ENERGY STAR® certified
See Eligibility Requirements
(convertible freezer/refrigerator units do not qualify)

Room Air Conditioner - $50 off

ENERGY STAR® certified
See Eligibility Requirements
Seasonal Item

Water Dispensers - up to $25 off

Water Saving Products - up to $8 off

WaterSense Labeled

  • Low Flow Shower Heads - $8 off (in-store discount)

Weatherization Products - up to $2 off

  • Caulking
  • Door Sweep/Seals
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Weatherstripping

* Instant coupons are available at select retailers. Download an instant in-store coupon by selecting the “Instant Coupon” link to see which appliances are eligible. Simply present it at checkout and save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a current ComEd customer to receive a rebate?

Yes, only current ComEd residential electric account holders are eligible for rebates.

How can I apply for a rebate?
  1. Refer to the products above for a list of qualifying ENERGY STAR certified (excluding induction cooktops) appliances and rebate amounts.
  2. Review the eligibility requirements in our rebate application (pdf).
  3. Purchase and install the qualifying appliance.
  4. Complete the ComEd Online Appliance Rebate Application. To submit via email or mail, download and complete the Appliance Rebate Application (pdf).
How long does it take to receive a rebate?

Rebates are processed and paid in the form of a check within about 4 weeks from the time we receive your complete submission.

How can I find a participating retailer?

View the list of retailers offering in-store discounts on energy efficiency home products. When in-store, look for the ComEd "Lower Price" sticker and the price shown includes the ComEd discount.

What if I did not receive the proper documentation (receipt, invoice, etc.) to apply for the rebate?

Please contact the retailer for this information so that you can attach it when applying for a rebate!

How can I engage with an expert to learn more about the rebates and discounts available?

Visit us at a retail in-store engagement event at your local participating retailer. Check the calendar of events here.

Who can I call for assistance or if I have questions?

For questions, contact us at 855-433-2700 and someone from our team can help. For in-store engagement events, ask in-store or check out retail engagement calendar here.

Visit the Energy Doctor or inquire online.

How can I compare appliances by price, brands, retailers, size, color, energy efficiency labels, and other features?

Visit ComEd’s Efficient Choice website to compare over 30 different product categories and find out which products are the best value. The “Enervee Score” looks at the purchase and operational price of the appliance, over its lifetime, to provide a 0 – 100 score to help identify the most efficient appliance within the selected price range and features. The Efficient Choice platform displays an icon whenever a product qualifies for a ComEd rebate and helps you find the exact model at a local and/or national retailers to make purchasing more convenient.

Submit Your Rebate Application Online

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For Assistance: Call 1-855-433-2700

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.

Offers are subject to change.

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