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Public Small Facilities

It's easy to start saving money and energy with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Measures include indoor and outdoor LED lighting, as well as tune-ups and system upgrades for HVAC and compressed air.

For Public Sector Customers with Under 100kW Peak Demand

By installing energy-saving LED lights and implementing efficient systems for HVAC and compressed air, small public facilities can reduce maintenance needs while lowering their energy bills. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives toward energy-efficient lighting, HVAC and compressed air projects.

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Through the Public Small Facilities offering, public sector customers with under 100 kW peak demand are eligible for the following:

  • FREE Energy Assessments: An Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP) will come to your facility and identify energy-saving opportunities that qualify for incentives. Schedule an assessment today.
  • Incentives: ComEd has incentives for lighting, HVAC and compressed air energy efficiency measures. Your EESP will use these incentives when they price your projects, helping you maximize your savings.
  • Customized Project Plan: EESPs work with you to develop a project plan that fits your budget and timing. Projects take on average 60 days from pre-approval to installation.
  • Direct Installation: Your EESP will complete your project and apply instant incentives. You only pay the balance after incentives are applied.
  • Ongoing Savings: Your completed project provides savings for years to come through reduced monthly electric bills.

Who is Eligible?

Must be a ComEd delivery customer on a non-residential rate, with a peak electric demand less than 100kW.

Qualified public sector ComEd customers include (but are not limited to) federal, state and local governments, municipal corporations, public school districts, community colleges, public libraries and park districts.

Let ComEd Connect You with a Service Provider

Ready to schedule an assessment?

  1. Answer a few short questions and request assessment times convenient for you.
  2. We will match you with the Service Provider that’s right for you.
  3. The Service Provider will complete your on-site energy assessment.
  4. Fill out a survey about your experience.

Get Started

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View our list of Public Small FacilitiesSmall Business Service Providers by using the Find a Service Provider button below or call us at 1-855-433-2700.

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Public Small Facilities

What types of projects?

ComEd offers incentives on lighting and HVAC systems. Contact us today to get started and schedule a free assessment.

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The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.

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