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Compressed Air Energy Savings Fact Sheet

Increase your savings and see greater benefits with compressed air system maintenance. ComEd offers incentives and technical services to help.

From running simple air tools to operating complicated pneumatic controls, compressed air systems are a major part of commercial and industrial processes. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides strategies, technical expertise and incentives to help you improve the efficiency of your compressed air systems while saving you money and energy.

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Apply an Integrated System Approach

Understanding how the supply and demand sides function as an integrated system is the first step toward improving energy efficiency in compressed air systems. A well-orchestrated control strategy matches the compressed air supply with the varying demands of the system. This optimizes energy savings, meets the load with the fewest machines possible, and delivers air at the lowest practical pressure while still meeting plant needs.

Cut Your Losses

Pressure loss occurs when compressed air is restricted by system components as it travels through the treatment and distribution system. Right-sized components like piping, filters, dryers and hoses can minimize pressure loss and allow the overall system pressure to be decreased. This helps reduce energy use while still supplying the necessary demand.

Add a Variable Frequency Drive Compressor

Motor-driven equipment like air compressors operate more efficiently at partial load with variable frequency drive (VFD) control. Rather than operating constantly at full speed, VFDs vary the rate of speed at which air compressors operate based on system requirements matching energy use to actual demand.

Identify and Repair Air Leaks

Air leaks can be a significant cause of energy loss in compressed air systems, accounting for 20 to 30 percent of the system’s energy use. In addition to the extra energy expense, continuously leaking air can lead to pressure problems and unnecessary equipment purchases to meet facility loads.

Make Impactful Changes Today

Interested in making an immediate update to your compressed air system? ComEd’s Compressed Air Fix It Now offering will identify and repair leaks on the same day. This guarantees that savings hit your bottom line as soon as possible.

The program offers savings based on the measures you implement.* Simply work with an Industrial Systems Service Provider or a participating contractor and commit to repair at least 50% of identified leaks. Our team will handle the rest.

*Systems with combined hp over 1,000 require preapproval.

Compressed Air Energy Savings Fact Sheet

Perform under pressure

Small improvements can make a big difference in a compressed air system. New technologies and classic fixes work together to give you the best operating system.

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