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Retailer Appliance Recycling

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program will send second-hand retailers a $50 rebate for eligible refrigerators or freezers!  Refrigerators and freezers that are working, manufactured prior to 2010 and are not ENERGY STAR certified could qualify for a free pickup and a rebate!  If the units qualify, we’ll pick them up and recycle the old units and send a $50 rebate per appliance.

Various old fridges and appliances

Benefits of Participation

$ savings

Instead of spending money to repair, clean and prepare old refrigerators and freezers for resale, this recycling offer quickly turns qualifying appliances into cash.

Faster inventory turns

No need to wait for customers to buy these older units. Just set them aside and a ComEd Energy Efficiency representative will pick them up and send you $50 per qualifying appliance.

Increase the average sale price

Instead of selling older, inefficient refrigerators or freezers at a lower price, increase your average sale price per customer by selling newer units.

Eligibility Requirements

A second-hand retailer must:

  • Be a ComEd electric service delivery customer.
  • Turn in refrigerator or freezer units that are 7.75 cubic feet or greater.
  • Ensure units were manufactured before 2010 are not ENERGY STAR certified and in working order.
  • Certify that each unit was intended to be reused or resold.
  • Own the appliance(s).

The appliance must be located at the retailer’s ComEd billing address.

How Can I Participate?

Speak with a program representative by phone at 773-644-8448 or by email at to find out more information or to sign up.

Note - residential customers do not qualify for the retailer appliance recycling offering.

Funds are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify, scheduled pickup must occur by December 31, 2023.

Rebates are subject to change without prior notice. ComEd cannot accept appliances that are not intended to be reused or resold (I.e. units meant to be discarded or scrapped). Rebate check will be mailed 4–6  weeks after qualified appliances are collected.

Terms and conditions apply. Offers are subject to change. © Commonwealth Edison Company, 2023. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.


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