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Energy Efficiency Starts At Home

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers comprehensive energy solutions for residential new construction and major renovation projects. The Program helps you push your design further by offering both technical assistance and financial incentives for energy conservation measures. It also offers a holistic approach to your project by providing incentives for energy savings.

Electric Homes New Construction

Make the jump to high-quality, next-generation, all-electric homes. Reduce energy bills while providing superior comfort and health benefits. Prepare for a clean, resilient energy home, with no gas connection and no gas combustion.

Builders of new construction and major renovation single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, 2-4 flats, small multi-family (greater than 4 units; up to 3 stories outside of Chicago, up to 4 stories in Chicago) and accessory dwelling units are eligible to receive financial incentives for achieving best practice energy efficiency. Meet the Program's energy efficiency requirements including envelope, all-electric heat pump HVAC, heat pump water heating, LED lighting and ENERGY STAR® appliances. Learn about additional clean energy strategies like solar power, electric vehicle charging, smart homes, triple pane windows and induction cooktops. Check out our Electric Homes New Construction fact sheet for more information! 

Small Multi-family Projects

Small multi-family buildings can go all-electric too. If your multi-family project is greater than 4 units but still following the residential building code, it is eligible for the Program. These projects will have additional requirements for common area spaces. Learn more!

Why Build All-Electric?

  • Avoid gas line costs and coordination
  • Accommodate flexible designs and layouts
  • Upsell by bundling with solar, EV-ready and smart home features
  • Offer increased safety and peace of mind (no combustion in the home) 

Affordable Housing New Construction

Affordable housing developers can receive technical guidance and financial incentives to enhance energy efficiency in new construction or renovation projects that serve income eligible residents. Leverage no-cost energy efficiency expertise and receive incentives for your project by applying early in the design process. Earn additional incentives to deploy innovative technologies in your next project. Design and build around a prescriptive Multi-Family Standard to deliver significant energy savings to residents and maximize your property’s performance. 

Project Eligibility 

To be eligible, a project must: 

  • Include income eligible units reserved for households at or below 80 percent of the area median income (AMI) 
  • Be located within the ComEd service territory 
  • Meet or exceed the current Illinois Energy Conservation Code and incorporate whole-building energy efficiency measures described in the ComEd Multi-Family Standard

Multi-Family Standard 

The ComEd Multi-Family Standard includes an integrated bundle of energy cost reduction measures designed to deliver significant energy savings over the current Illinois Energy Conservation Code baseline. 

The standard includes 10 energy efficiency measures, addressing:

  • Building envelope: High performance windows and air-tight construction
  • HVAC: Energy efficient HVAC equipment to heat, cool and ventilate spaces
  • Lighting: High performance interior and exterior lighting
  • Hot water: High performance water-heating equipment and low-flow fixtures
  • Appliances: ENERGY STAR® appliances and other equipment 

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