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Manage Costs

Manage Your Costs

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is here to empower you to save money and energy. With these simple actions, you can help control your energy costs.

Energy Savings Tip - Take Advantage of Lighting Incentives

Take Advantage of Lighting Incentives

With lighting incentives from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, it’s never been easier to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Get incentives for energy-efficient lighting, fixtures and sensors, or get instant discounts through participating distributors. Take control of your energy costs today.

Energy Savings Tip - Schedule a FREE Energy Assessment

Schedule a Free Energy Assessment

Take control of your energy costs today by scheduling a FREE energy assessment for your business or facility. Receive a detailed report of energy saving improvements, along with a custom project plan of opportunities that qualify for savings and incentives, all while fitting your budget and timing.

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Energy Savings Tip - Analyze Your Energy Use

Check Out ComEd’s Business Energy Analyzer

With our FREE Business Energy Analyzer tool, it’s never been easier to identify energy savings opportunities for your business or facility. Using your business’s energy usage data, the tool pinpoints high-use periods and suggests strategies to help you save. Take control of your facility’s energy usage today.

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