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Raise Your Library’s Energy Efficiency Literacy

​Don’t let energy costs strain your budget! With incentives and technical support from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, your library’s story will be one of environmental stewardship, fiscal stability and supreme comfort. Modernize your library facilities with energy efficiency upgrades like brighter and truer LED lighting, heating and cooling system enhancements, and money-saving IT solutions.

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Electricity Consumption by Libraries


   Ventilation  25%
   Computers  19%
   Lighting  17%
   Heating & Cooling  16%
   Office Equipment  4%
   Refrigeration  3%
   Other  15%

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

 FREE Facility Assessment

Uncover Money-Saving Opportunities with Free Assessments​

ComEd offers FREE facility assessments to help libraries identify energy-saving opportunities, from efficient HVAC systems to variable speed motors. An energy engineer will visit your facility to develop a report detailing recommended energy efficiency projects. Each facility assessment recommendation includes estimated cost, incentives and projected simple payback.

Smaller and midsize library buildings may be eligible for enhanced incentives on LED lights and HVAC upgrades through the ComEd public small facilities offering.


Provide Patrons with the Best Reading Light Possible

Newer LED lamps use about 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer on average than incandescent bulbs. They also produce illumination that is brighter and truer, without any irritating flickering or buzzing, providing a better environment for reading.

ComEd offers incentives for installing energy-efficient LED fixtures, as well as advanced lighting controls like occupancy sensors, daylight controls and timers to ensure areas are well lit when they need to be—and aren't wasting energy when they don't. Upgrade your lighting inside and out for more welcoming spaces, while also saving money and energy! Library districts are eligible for instant discounts on commercial-grade lighting and exit sign products—save at the time of purchase, with no paperwork!

 Heating & Cooling

Heat and Cool Your Library with Less Energy​

ComEd offers incentives and technical assistance to tune-up or replace your inefficient HVAC system, saving money while improving the comfort of guests throughout the premises. Consider installing air side economizers—also incentivized— which take in and filter outside air to cool the building more efficiently.

Each HVAC tune-up includes a thorough inspection and adjustment of the unit's thermostat, economizer, refrigerant charge, coils and belts for optimal performance. Incentives are also available for HVAC system component upgrades like water and air-cooled chillers, variable speed drives, energy management systems, demand-controlled ventilation and air-side economizers.

 Energy Advisor

Research Your Library's Energy Use

Get a FREE analysis of your energy use to identify operational or behavioral energy efficiency opportunities. The ComEd Business Energy Analyzer tool is fully remote—no site visit necessary—and it's perfect for library districts with multiple branches.

Compare energy use across buildings with user-friendly dashboards and understandable data. Better yet, get feedback from a ComEd energy engineer and get ideas for easily implementable operational savings. Communications take place over the phone and e-mail. Energy Analyzer is a simple, no-cost way to get started with energy efficiency.

 New Construction

Technical Assistance, Incentives on New Construction Projects

​Reduce capital improvement costs while ensuring your library district is sustainable over the long run. ComEd offers expert technical assistance and energy modeling, in addition to financial incentives and ongoing energy savings, to help new construction projects exceed Illinois Energy Conservation Code requirements.

New developments and major renovations of at least 5,000 sq. ft. are eligible. Be sure to involve the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program team as soon as possible—the earlier we are engaged in the design process, the higher the incentive values and the greater the long-term savings!

 Additional Project Incentives

 Let's Get Started

1. Schedule an Assessment

Call 1-855-433-2700 or fill out the Online Form to request a Facility Assessment. A ComEd energy engineer will assess your facility and equipment for potential electrical savings during a two-hour site walkthrough.

2. Receive Recommendations

Within a month, you will receive a high-level summary recommending energy-saving changes and upgrades that can improve the energy efficiency of your business.

3. Make Improvements & Apply for Incentives

After you have decided which energy-saving improvements you want to make, consult the ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider Directory to find a contractor who can provide the products and services you need and help you apply for ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives, or you can purchase materials and use your own staff to install.

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​Free Webinar

Learn how to incorporate energy efficiency into your library facility with incentives and offerings from ComEd. Watch the free on-demand webinar, Energy Efficiency for Libraries.

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