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Energy Efficiency for your Industrial Facility

Worker in an industrial facility

Start with a FREE Facility Assessment

A ComEd energy engineer will visit your facility when you want and assess your entire facility to identify energy efficiency opportunities. Then you will receive a report with recommendations on projects you can start right away.

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Fix It Now

ComEd offers incentives and services to keep your facility running with minimal downtime. View Fact Sheet, Download Application (pdf)

Industrial System Studies

Take advantage of an in-depth study on a range of systems, including expert analysis and specific recommendations to reduce energy waste and lower operating costs. Incentives are available for the energy reducing projects recommended in the study for these systems:

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Invest in upgrades and improvements that make good economic sense and save energy dollars.

  • Custom Incentives: Already know what improvements you want to make? If it uses electricity, it’s likely eligible for incentives.
  • Instant Lighting Discounts: Energy-efficient lighting can make your work areas safer and more productive.
  • Standard Lighting Incentives: Occupancy sensors and advanced lighting controls are great for areas of your plant that aren’t used all day.
  • Business Energy Analyzer: Sign up for free today to help you easily manage your facility’s energy usage online.


Register for a webinar for an in-depth look at the most cost-effective strategies and technologies to reduce operating costs and improve profitability for your business.

Want More Information?

Call 1-855-433-2700 during normal business hours to speak with a ComEd Energy Efficiency Program representative or send an email to: or

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"The project was an eye-opening experience because the measurable aspects were reduced by 50 percent. This has been a very positive experience and has given us a well-rounded perspective on the advances and improvements we can accomplish."

Patrick Stanley, Director of Manufacturing, Capron Manufacturing

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