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Balance Energy Use and Industrial Needs

Industrial and manufacturing facilities can be tricky business when it comes to managing energy use. In addition to maintaining a productive environment for your equipment and employees, you must consider the impacts to your product and processes. For the typical industrial building, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has the services and incentives you need to improve the efficiency of your systems and your bottom line. Best of all, these measures and others can be implemented without interruption to your operations.

Industrial Building


  • Improve the efficiency of your process systems by installing variable speed drives (VSDs)
  • Install controls to manage how your compressor operations use energy
  • Optimize heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) use with the installation of an energy management system for your office space
  • Replace old fluorescent and incandescent lighting with high efficiency T8s and other energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Lower energy costs by replacing older commercial refrigeration with new higher efficiency equipment, or by upgrading the controls on existing equipment

And with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives in the mix, you can invest in upgrades and improvements that make good economic sense and save energy dollars too.


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Average Energy Use


Machine Drive 51%
Heating 14%
Facility HVAC 7%
Electro-Chemical 9%
Cooling 6%
Lighting 6%
Other 6%
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