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Virtual Commissioning

Easily learn where energy is wasted and how you can save on your bills!

Virtual Commissioning (VCx) is a FREE service that can help you pinpoint where your facility is wasting energy, potentially reducing your annual energy costs by 5-15%.

An expert energy advisor will remotely analyze data drawn from your ComEd smart meter and provide recommendations for low-cost and no-cost improvements to your facility’s operations that can immediately reduce your energy bills. Take advantage of this FREE service today.

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Is VCx Right for You?

Virtual Commissioning can help with:

  • High or irregular bills
  • Managing unexpected increases in energy usage
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Assistance finding energy efficient solutions
  • Learning when your building uses the most energy

What to Expect

Step 1 - A ComEd advisor reviews your smart meter data

Step 2 - The energy advisor presents customized low-cost and no-cost recommendations to you

Step 3 - You take action to implement savings recommendations

Step 4 - Your energy advisor calculates your savings and reports back to you

Can I Lower My Energy Bill?

Virtual Commissioning will help you identify energy saving opportunities such as:

  • Adjusting heating and cooling schedules to better match actual occupancy
  • Automatically turning off unneeded equipment overnight using smart timers
  • Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules to reduce waste
  • Identifying energy saving opportunities through an after-hours walkthrough
  • Delamping or better control of natural lighting

“The Virtual Commissioning team is providing our organization with an incredible opportunity to better understand our energy usage, identify and quantify energy savings opportunities and help make those reductions more sustainable.”

County Director of Building Operations

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