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Variable Speed Drives

VSDs can improve system reliability and allow more efficient equipment operation.

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It’d be dangerous if your car engine only had two options: off or full speed. Even if you could drive like this, such an over-simplistic on/off control would waste a lot of gas. The same issue affects motorized equipment, especially fans and pumps. Rather than simply turning a motor from off to full speed, variable speed drives (VSDs) modulate or throttle up or down a motor to meet the true load of what’s needed, just like you do with your car’s gas pedal.

Start Slow to Win the Race

Punching your car’s accelerator puts a lot of stress on the motor and transmission over time. The same thing is true with industrial motors. VSDs give you a ‘soft-start’ capability in a quick, controlled manner. This reduces electric costs and lessens the amount of stress put on motors, pumps, belts and reduction gears. Over time, you’ll have fewer breakdowns and maintenance costs from fatigued parts.

Get Just What You Need Only When You Need It

HVAC systems can sometimes be oversized, and often do not run at their recommended load. Adding VSDs to the motors that run compressors, fans and pumps can significantly reduce electricity use by matching supply with demand. That way, you can save energy and lessen wear and tear on your equipment while still maintaining desired heating and cooling levels.

VSDs regulate exhaust fan speed to reduce energy consumption and subsequently HVAC electricity use. Install them on demand control ventilation systems in offices, indoor parking garages and commercial kitchens.

Variable Speed Drives

Big wheels keep on turning

Manufacturing customers use a lot of motors – process heating and cooling, air compressors, packaging equipment and conveyors. Adding VSDs can help reduce equipment stress and lower your energy bill. As untimely and costly repairs go down, productivity goes up.

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