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Standard Incentives

January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Document updated on May 08, 2023
New incentive rate for Networked Lighting Control System effective for pre-applications submitted on or after May 8, 2023.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Fixtures / Retrofits LED $0.80 per watt reduced
Sensors Occupancy (Indoor)
$0.25 per watt controlled

​Occupancy (Outdoor)

​$0.20 per watt controlled
Vacancy (indoor only)
$0.20 per watt controlled
​Plug load occupancy
​$10 per sensor
LED Signs “Open” sign $40 per sign
Channel sign < 2 feet $12 per letter
Channel sign > 2 feet $30 per letter
Daylighting controls (indoor only) $0.15 per watt controlled
Occupancy sensor plus daylighting controls (indoor only) $0.30 per watt controlled
Time clocks for lighting $0.03 per watt controlled
Photocells (outdoor only) $0.08 per watt controlled
Photocell plus time clock (outdoor only) $0.09 per watt controlled

Networked Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

LED fixtures and retrofits $1.00 per watt reduced
Lighting control system (Baseline w/o controls)
$0.60 per watt controlled
​Lighting control system (Baseline with controls)
​$0.50 per watt controlled

Energy Management System (not eligible for online application)

Installation of EMS on building with existing systems: TIER 1
At least (3) control strategies implemented
At least (6) control strategies implemented
Non-programmable pneumatic thermostats $0.50 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.70 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Non-programmable electronic thermostats $0.50 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.70 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Programmable thermostats $0.30 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.50 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Existing digital EMS older than 15 years $0.25 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.30 per sq. ft. of conditioned space

LED Street Lighting (not eligible for online application)

Municipal owned streetlights
$1.00 per watt reduced

LED Traffic Signals

LED Traffic Signal 8" Lamp
$40 per lamp
​LED Traffic Signal 12" Lamp
$100 per lamp​

Incentives Available on Online Application Only

Escalator motor efficiency controller $20 per HP
High efficiency hand dryers $200 per unit
Network desktop power management software $15 per desktop computer
VSD on pool pump $100 per HP


EC motor for walk-in cooler or freezer $60 per motor
for reach-in refrigerated case $30 per motor
with evaporator fan controls for walk-in cooler or freezer $90 per controlled motor
Anti-sweat heater controls for glass door cooler or freezer $62.50 per door
Display cases with doors on coolers $260 per linear ft.
on freezers
Special door with low/no-anti sweat heaters on cooler display cases $190 per door
on freezer display cases
Evaporator fan controls on EC motor
$50 per controlled motor
Demand defrost controls on walk-in coolers $20 per evaporator fan motor
on walk-in freezers
Efficient refrigeration condenser $10 per ton
Floating head pressure controls Single compressor to single condenser system $60 per compressor HP
Multiple compressors to single condenser system
LED refrigerated display case lighting for closed case $60 per door
for open case
$24 per linear ft. of lamp
Night covers $10 per linear ft.
Strip curtains Cooler / freezer door $4 per sq. ft.
Automatic high speed doors Freezer and cooler spaces $50 per sq. ft.
Freezer and dock spaces
Cooler and dock spaces
Automatic door closer $120 per unit
VSD for condenser fans $150 per HP

Commercial Appliances

Commercial clothes washers front loaded $20 per washer
top loaded $50 per washer
Refurbished vending machine $50 per machine
Beverage machine controls $100 per machine
Electric water heater timer $20 per timer
Heat pump water heater (electric only) $250 per heater
Reach-in (novelty) cooler controls $40 per cooler


Water cooled chiller1
Centrifugal $5 per IPLV improvement per ton
Scroll or helical-rotary (screw)
Air cooled chiller1
$6 per IPLV improvement per ton
Chiller with integrated VSD1
$150 per ton
Oil-free bearing chiller1
$250 per ton
Chilled water reset controls $5 per ton
Package terminal AC/ package terminal heat pump
$30 per ton
Guest room energy management system Electric heat/AC $100 per guest room
Non-electric heat/AC $50 per guest room
Demand controlled ventilation Conditioned space (interior) $40 per 1,000 sq. ft.
Restroom exhaust fan occupancy sensor $10 per fan
Wireless pneumatic thermostat $100 per thermostat
Air-side economizer $50 per ton
Electronically commutated motor on fan-powered box $50 per motor
High efficiency pumps and pumping efficiency improvements (retrofits) $15 per HP
Cogged V-belts for HVAC fans $10 per nominal motor HP
Rooftop unit $20 per ton per EER above efficiency requirement
Ground Source Heat Pump $30 per ton per EER above minimum efficiency
Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation of enthalpy wheel $0.20 per SCFM
Installation of enthalpy plate $0.10 per SCFM
VSD on HVAC chiller $60 per ton
on HVAC fan or pump ≤ 200 HP* $150 per HP

1See note at the bottom for chiller project final application date.

Compressed Air

High-efficiency air nozzles $20 per nozzle
Low pressure drop filter $3.50 per connected HP
No-loss condensate drains $100 per drain
Refrigerated dryers Thermal mass dryer $1 per rated CFM
Variable speed dryer $3 per rated CFM
Digital scroll dryer $2 per rated CFM
Heat of compression desiccant compressed air dryer $4 per CFM
Heated blower purge desiccant compressed air dryer $4 per CFM
Variable displacement screw air compressor $30 per HP
Compressed air pressure flow controller $10 per HP
VSD on air compressor ≤ 200 HP* $75 per HP
Air compressor(s) with integrated VSD ≤ 200 HP* $200 per HP
Added compressor storage on load/no load systems $1.50 per gallon

Industrial Systems

Barrel wraps for injection molders and extruders $40 per sq. ft.
Conversion of DC drives in plastic extruders to AC drives $40 per HP
Fiber laser cutting machines $3,000 per output kW
All electric injection molding machine $75 per rated ton
Hybrid injection molding machine $75 per rated ton
Network combing line and trunk equipment removal $375 per piece
Indoor grow lights $1 per watt reduced
Agriculture fan thermostat controller $100 per HP


Low pressure drop HEPA filters
$75 per 1,000 CFM
Low pressure drop high efficiency (non-HEPA) air filters
$20 per 1,000 CFM
Reduce/optimize air changes per hour (ACH) in laboratory space $0.75 per CFM

DX Tune-up

Air conditioning tuneup Basic $15 per ton
Full $25 per ton
Notched V‐belt $10 per HP
Packaged RTU advanced controls $100 per ton
Packaged RTU sealing
$10 per ton
Thermostats $150 per thermostat

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives to help businesses and facilities reduce energy use by improving the efficiency of their equipment. A pre-application is required unless noted otherwise. To qualify for 2023 incentives, projects must be completed and a final application submitted by December 31, 2023, except for chiller installation projects that must be completed and a final application submitted by December 31, 2024.

To view the complete list of incentives, visit Save time - apply online at If you register for an account, you can track your application’s progress.

For more information, email or call 855-433-2700.

* If the HP is greater than specified, project may be eligible for custom incentives.

** Eligibility and incentives are based on IL Statewide Technical Resource Manual Version 11.0 draft and may be subject to change.

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