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Standard / Custom Incentives

January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Fixtures / Retrofits LED $0.50 per watt reduced
Sensors Occupancy $0.10 per watt controlled
Vacancy (indoor only) $0.10 per watt controlled
Plug load occupancy $10 per sensor
LED Signs “Open” sign $40 per sign
Channel sign < 2 feet $12 per letter
Channel sign > 2 feet $30 per letter
Daylighting controls (indoor only) $0.12 per watt controlled
Occupancy sensor plus daylighting controls (indoor only) $0.18 per watt controlled
Time clocks for lighting $0.03 per watt controlled
Photocells (outdoor only) $0.08 per watt controlled
Photocell plus time clock (outdoor only) $0.09 per watt controlled

Networked Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

Option One
New LED fixture $0.60 per watt reduced
New lighting control system $0.25 per watt controlled
Measurement & verification $0.15 per kWh saved above target
Option Two
Keep existing fixtures or install new or retrofitted fixtures that don’t meet option one fixture specs but may be eligible for standard lighting incentives $0.10 per kWh saved above baseline
New lighting control system
Measurement & verification (optional)

Energy Management System (not eligible for online application)

Installation of EMS on building with existing systems: TIER 1
At least (3) control strategies implemented
At least (6) control strategies implemented
Non-programmable pneumatic thermostats $0.25 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.35 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Non-programmable electronic thermostats $0.25 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.35 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Programmable thermostats $0.15 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.25 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Existing digital EMS older than 15 years $0.10 per sq. ft. of conditioned space $0.15 per sq. ft. of conditioned space

Custom (not eligible for online application)

Specialty/new construction lighting $0.07 per kWh saved
Closet-to-colocation $0.10 per kWh saved
Wastewater treatment - aeration improvements associated with blowers without dissolved oxygen controls $0.12 per kWh saved
with dissolved oxygen controls $0.21 per kWh saved
Data Center New Construction $0.07 per kWh saved
All other custom (includes combined heat & power) $0.12 per kWh saved


EC motor for walk-in cooler or freezer $60 per motor
for reach-in refrigerated case $30 per motor
with evaporator fan controls for walk-in cooler or freezer $90 per controlled motor
Q-Sync Motor in place of EC Motor $10 per motor
in place of Shaded Pole Motor $50 per motor
Anti-sweat heater controls for glass door cooler or freezer $25 per linear ft.
Display cases with doors on coolers $180 per linear ft.
on freezers
Special door with low/no-anti sweat heaters on cooler display cases $130 per door
on freezer display cases
Evaporator fan controls on EC motor $50 per controlled motor
on shaded-pole motor $25 per controlled motor
Demand defrost controls on walk-in coolers $20 per evaporator fan motor
on walk-in freezers
Efficient refrigeration condenser $10 per ton
Floating head pressure controls Condensing unit, medium temp. $60 per compressor HP
Condensing unit, low temp.
Remote condenser, medium temp.
Remote condenser, low temp.
LED refrigerated display case lighting for closed case $40 per door
for open case $15 per linear ft. of lamp
Display case lighting controls for closed case $25 per door
for open case $8 per linear ft. of case
ENERGY STAR® Solid door freezer $100 per freezer
Glass door freezer $200 per freezer
Solid door refrigerator $45 per refrigerator
Glass door refrigerator $45 per refrigerator
Refurbished vending machine $50 per machine
Night covers $10 per linear ft.
Strip curtains Cooler / freezer door $4 per sq. ft.
Automatic high speed doors Freezer and cooler spaces $50 per sq. ft.
Freezer and dock spaces
Cooler and dock spaces
Reach-in (novelty) cooler controls $40 per cooler
Beverage machine controls $100 per machine
Snack machine controls $40 per machine
Insulation of bare refrigeration suction lines $2 per linear ft.

LED Street Lighting (not eligible for online application)

Municipal owned streetlights $0.70 per watt reduced


Water cooled chiller Water cooled chiller $4 per IPLV improvement per ton
Scroll or helical-rotary (screw)
Air cooled chiller $5 per IPLV improvement per ton
Chilled water reset controls $5 per ton
SEHA tier 1 room air $30 per ton
Package terminal AC/ package terminal heat pump $30 per ton
Guest room energy management system Electric heat/AC $65 per guest room
Non-electric heat/AC $25 per guest room
Demand controlled ventilation Conditioned space (interior) $40 per 1,000 sq. ft.
Parking garage (enclosed) $300 per exhaust fan HP
Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods $400 per exhaust fan HP
Restroom exhaust fan occupancy sensor $10 per fan
Wireless pneumatic thermostat $100 per thermostat
Air-side economizer $50 per ton
Electronically commutated motor on fan-powered box $50 per motor
High efficiency pumps and pumping efficiency improvements (retrofits) $15 per HP
Cogged V-belts for HVAC fans $10 per nominal motor HP
Rooftop unit $10 per ton per EER above efficiency requirement
Ground Source Heat Pump $30 per ton per EER above minimum efficiency
Adsorbent Air Cleaning $0.10 per SCFM
Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation of enthalpy wheel $0.20 per SCFM
Installation of enthalpy plate $0.10 per SCFM
VSD on HVAC chiller $40 per HP
on HVAC fan or pump ≤ 200 HP* $80 per HP

Incentives Available on Online Application Only

Escalator motor efficiency controller $20 per HP
Network desktop power management software $15 per desktop computer
VSD on pool pump $100 per HP

Industrial Systems

Barrel wraps for injection molders and extruders $40 per sq. ft.
Insulated pellet dryer duct Outer diameter 3 in. - 8 in. $10 - 25 per foot
Conversion of DC drives in plastic extruders to AC drives $40 per HP
Fiber laser cutting machines $2,000 per output kW
All electric injection molding machine $45 per rated ton
Hybrid injection molding machine $37.50 per rated ton


High performance low flow fume hood $400 per linear ft.
Variable air volume fume hood $250 per linear ft.
Fume hood occupancy control $100 per linear ft.
Automatic fume hood sash closer $150 per linear ft.
Sash stops $5 per linear ft.
Low pressure drop HEPA filters $50 per 1,000 CFM
Low pressure drop high efficiency (non-HEPA) air filters $15 per 1,000 CFM
Reduce/optimize air changes per hour (ACH) in laboratory space $0.75 per CFM

Compressed Air

High-efficiency air nozzles $20 per nozzle
Low pressure drop filter $3.50 per connected HP
No-loss condensate drains $100 per drain
Refrigerated dryers Thermal mass dryer $1 per rated CFM
Variable speed dryer $3 per rated CFM
Digital scroll dryer $2 per rated CFM
Heat of compression desiccant compressed air dryer $4 per CFM
Heated blower purge desiccant compressed air dryer $4 per CFM
Variable displacement screw air compressor $30 per HP
Compressed air pressure flow controller $10 per HP
VSD on air compressor ≤ 200 HP* $60 per HP
Air compressor(s) with integrated VSD ≤ 200 HP* $85 per HP
Added compressor storage on load/no load systems $1.50 per gallon

DX Tune‐up (not eligible for online application)

Air conditioning tuneup Basic $15 per ton
full $25 per ton
Economizer repair and optimization ABCD or Dry‐bulb $5 per ton
Enthalpy $10 per ton
Notched V‐belt $10 per HP
Packaged RTU advanced controls $100 per ton
Packaged RTU sealing $10 per ton
Thermostats $150 per thermostat

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives to help businesses and facilities reduce energy use by improving the efficiency of their equipment. A pre-application is required. To qualify for 2020 incentives, projects must be completed and a final application submitted by December 31, 2020.

To view the complete list of incentives, visit Save time - apply online at If you register for an account, you can track your application’s progress.

For more information, email or call 855-433-2700.

* If the HP is greater than specified, project may be eligible for custom incentives.

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