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Use LEDs in your display cases. They perform better in cold temperatures, use significantly less energy and emit less heat than fluorescent lighting.


Don't Let Them See You Sweat

Uncontrolled refrigeration costs are uncool. A typical food service business or grocery store can spend up to half of its energy costs on refrigeration alone. Energy-efficient equipment offers many choices to cut those costs and protect your food quality even more. This equipment saves you money and energy, so you can focus on supplying fresh foods and beverages.

System improvements such as efficient refrigeration condensers and floating head controls allow you to easily manage product temperatures while lowering energy costs. While this sounds technical, it means you’ll save money and energy. Your products stay as fresh and crisply cold as ever.

Be a Fan of Controlling Fans

Get improved cooling and freezing consistency from your current equipment, while better managing the amount of power your fan needs. Electronically commutated evaporator fan motors lower energy costs by about one-third while significantly improving walk-in cooler or freezer performance.

Evaporator fans don’t need to run at full speed all the time – only when refrigerant is flowing through the evaporator. So why pay for a fan running all the time? Improved controls can sense the flow of refrigerant and reduce the fan speed when full airflow is not required. Since the motor consumes less energy, less heat is added to the refrigerated space and your compressor will run less often. It all adds up to better control and less operating costs.


Chill... we got this

ENERGY STAR® freezers have advanced technologies that provide equal chilling power to standard models but use less energy. They have other cool features too: advanced evaporators and condenser fan motors, anti-sweat heaters and high-efficiency compressors. Need lots of ice? ENERGY STAR commercial ice machines are more efficient than standard models, use less water and generate less hot air.

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