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Outdoor and Garage Lighting

LEDs offer many advantages over the high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps introduced more than 30 years ago. After a long life, HID light output loses brightness and can change color.

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Energy-efficient lighting is also attractive lighting – new LED lighting can make your outdoor parking, walkways, roadways, and garages appealing for people to visit your business, attend your event or shop at your store longer.

LED lights are easy to design for outdoor landscape and building lighting. This secondary ambient light brightens dark areas that regular lights can’t. Plus, your eyesight adjusts easier to balanced light levels at night. You can work with a lighting designer to make the outside of your business both attractive and safe for your nighttime customers.

Safe Lighting at a Fraction of the Cost

LEDs offer many opportunities to make outdoor lighting appealing and reliable. They instantly turn on to full brightness as soon as light is needed. LED fixtures send highly controllable light beams, so light can be pointed to where it’s necessary to focus. Also, secondary lights can be installed in previously-dark corners, edges and at foot level. The result? Consistent, comfortable-looking lighting with minimal shadows and no “cave-like” feel.

Add Sensors to Your Existing Lighting System

Do you have a fairly new outdoor system? Add smart sensors to it. They automatically turn lights on when people or cars are detected, and turn them off when motion stops. Photocells can switch on outdoor lights at dusk and switch off at dawn.

Time clocks can also control lights by an on/off schedule. For garages, stairwells and other places where code requirements call for lighting around the clock, bi-level LED fixtures with intelligent controls can switch between high and low light levels. Each fixture keeps a low light level when a space is unoccupied, then quickly switches to full light output when it detects movement.

Baby, it’s cold outside... but it’s so bright!

LED performance increases as outdoor temperatures drop, making them ideal for parking lots and unheated garages. And don’t worry about bundling up to replace one. LEDs are typically designed to last 10 years or more with no replacements necessary.

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