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New Construction

Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector
Project Plans

Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program new construction offering provides solutions that can help your facility generate long-term energy and cost savings. The earlier in design you enroll your project (at concept development or schematic design phase), the better results you’ll realize.

The Basics

Private and public sector facilities are eligible for the new construction offering. Receive incentives for new construction, addition/expansion or major renovation of an existing space designed to exceed energy code requirements.


You’ll save energy and lower operating costs by implementing recommended measures.

  • Consult with technical experts and receive energy modeling services at no cost
  • One-time financial incentives to offset project costs for beyond-code systems and equipment
  • The more you reduce your energy use, the larger your financial incentive

Program Pathways

There are two pathways for participating in the New Construction Offering:

  1. Best Practices offers a prescriptive approach to new construction projects. Designed for fast-moving, developer-led projects. Includes a pre-determined list of measures available for specific building types along with resources and guidelines for how to best implement the measures. Provides an optimized and predictable incentive pathway with pre-defined, per-square-foot incentives for achieving energy efficiency best practices, as well as optional advanced measures. Available building types include:

    • Multi-Family and Assisted Living
    • Office
    • Parking Garage
    • Retail and Grocery
    • Warehouse and Industrial

    The design team can receive an incentive of $1,000 + 2% of the owner’s incentive for accurate submission of the program’s design workbooks.

  2. Performance Path offers a custom, hands-on technical approach to new construction projects and targets projects that are early in the design phase to maximize opportunities to influence the incorporation of high-performance design strategies. Technical staff uses whole building modeling to optimize the building design for energy performance. Modeling results include incentive amounts and annual energy cost savings estimates. This allows the design team to identify design strategies and technologies that will take their building design further and have the greatest impact on the building’s energy use. An additional design incentive is available for the design team through the High Performance Design Incentive.

Leading Edge Energy Efficiency

Illinois Energy Conservation Code sets minimum requirements for energy efficiency. But we have helped hundreds of projects achieve greater value by going further with their design. Reduce energy use, lower energy costs and make your building more comfortable, healthy, resilient and easier to maintain.

Whole-Building Approach

We provide recommendations, analysis, assistance and financial incentives for energy-saving improvements to all major building systems — envelope, HVAC equipment, lighting, commercial refrigeration, and more. The program offers a holistic approach to your project by offering incentives for both gas and electric savings.

For incentive amounts, refer to the table below:

Path Building Type Incentive Rate Design Incentive
Electric* Gas
Best Practices Multi-Family and Assisted Living Measures are incentivized at $0.08/gross square feet (gsf) of multi-family space with additional incentives available for optional advanced measures.
Design firms can earn $1,000 plus 2% of the owner’s incentive for the accurate submission of design workbooks for each building type.
Office Measures are incentivized at $0.09/gross square feet (gsf) of office space with additional incentives available for optional advanced measures.
Parking Garage Measures are incentivized at $0.04/gross square feet (gsf) of parking garage space with additional incentives available for optional advanced measures.
Retail and Grocery Measures are incentivized at $0.09/gross square feet (gsf) of retail space with additional incentives available for optional advanced measures.
Warehouse and Industrial Measures are incentivized at $0.09/gross square feet (gsf) of warehouse space with additional incentives available for optional advanced measures.
Performance All building types that don't qualify for Best Practices $0.07/kWh $0.35/therm High Performance Design Incentive is available for projects that achieve high-performance certification/credits.

• Achieve Certification - $4,000

Energy modeling and documentation - $1,000 plus 2% of the owner's incentive.

*Incentives for electric savings above 5 million kWh are paid at a reduced rate.

New Construction

Our technical experts offer simple, proven solutions and incentives to put your project at the leading edge of energy efficiency.

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