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Networked Lighting Controls

Use networked lighting controls to manage different parts of your building with various lighting needs, on site or remote.

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Networked lighting controls put you in charge of your lighting. Exactly when you need lights to go on and off. Controls add smart features that help you customize your lighting. Dim or turn off lights when you have plenty of sunlight or when no one is in an aisle or a room. Set lights easily for special events or regular activities. And using controls reduces your energy bill.

Lighting That Suits Your Needs

Indoor lighting is a significant part of your energy bill. Lighting controls – combined with high efficiency light fixtures – have great advantages. They extend the life of your lighting fixtures, lowering maintenance costs. Lights give off heat, so the less light that’s needed (especially when no one is around) means less cooling is needed, and that equals more savings. Use controls on outdoor lighting too. Set dimmers and occupancy sensors on parking or landscape lighting during dusk-to-dawn hours to save even more on your energy bill.

Control At Your Fingertips

Lighting control systems are light-years away from the old days of complex programming. Easy interfaces allow you to make adjustments, change schedules and see what’s happening. It’s no different than how you schedule time on your mobile phone or planning calendar. If you’re really into numbers, control systems can generate as much data as you’d like: energy use, demand, on/off time lengths, light levels and more.

Control sensors are smarter than the old days. No more waving arms to keep the lights on. Smart sensors readily detect people with sonic detectors instead of just line-of-sight infrared beams.

Replacing your lighting system? It’s a perfect time to install lighting controls. The extra installation costs are incremental, and the controls can be conveniently designed within the new fixtures. If you’re satisfied with your current lighting, networked controls can be retrofitted into that system as well.

Networked Lighting Controls

Light what, when and where you want

Lighting controls are your invisible sidekicks. They adjust the lights inside meeting rooms, and automatically dim and raise them in warehouse aisles. When you welcome daylight coming into a room, controls can automatically dim the light fixtures closest to the windows.

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