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Indoor Lighting

Lighting control strategies, like dimming, occupancy sensors and zone control, are easy to program and manage.

Control systems are used to optimize a network of efficient light fixtures.

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Lighting has finally broken away from the Thomas Edison incandescent bulb. Modern lighting now makes your world better in numerous ways – lower energy costs, truer colors and better quality. Older lighting emits heat, wastes energy and becomes too hot to touch. LED lights give off less heat; in fact, they barely emit any. LEDs also last much longer than older lighting technologies, reducing the need to replace them.

Lamp Fixture Or System Size To Your Needs

Indoor lighting is a significant part of your energy bill. You can start reducing that cost with simple lamp replacements, like screw-in LEDs and LED exit signs. Or go bigger with complete fixture replacements. You may no longer need the same lighting arrangement or the same number of light fixtures for your space. A reputable lighting vendor can help you design a new system layout that gives you the right light where you need it and how you need it.

Let Your True Colors Shine Through

Older fluorescent lights sometimes change the colors of things we see, such as faces, fabrics and pictures. If you’re a retailer, hair salon or restaurant owner, you know color is an important part of your business. LEDs give you truer colors, so everything is presented in the correct light.

LEDs allow you to easily and instantly aim light right where you need it to focus. LED systems can be easily designed for whatever kind of light layout and color you want. And replacement maintenance? Put your ladder away. LED fixtures are typically designed to last 10 years or more with no replacements necessary.

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Add sensors – waste less, save even more

Control sensors are much smarter than the old days. No more waving arms to keep the lights on. Smart sensors easily detect people compared to the old days — no more waving arms. Adding sensors when you upgrade your lights keeps energy from being wasted, especially in unoccupied areas – stairwells, far-off restrooms, storage closets and office kitchen pantries.

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