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HVAC Solutions

Whether implementing simple upgrades or whole system replacements, HVAC enhancements can improve occupant comfort and reduce energy costs.

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Too hot, too cold or just right? With efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) you don’t have to live with uncomfortable choices. Upgrading HVAC systems will help improve the comfort of everyone in your facility.

HVAC accounts for up to a third of your building’s energy costs. Energy-efficient improvements will help control these costs, and you’ll be more comfortable with your bottom line.

Take A System Level View

HVAC systems are complex and have many interconnected parts. Upgrading and automating them gives greater control over the system. That reduces energy costs, and can help keep people from getting too hot or too cold. Your system also works best inside a building that is properly insulated with minimum air leaks. And when a system is more than 15 years old, evaluating it for tune-up or replacement makes strong fiscal sense.

New and proven technologies in advanced controls give you greater command of temperature when you need it, and use less energy use when no one is in a room.

  • An energy management system controls HVAC and lighting – you use less and waste less
  • Hotel guest room energy management systems avoid unnecessary heating or cooling of unoccupied rooms – when someone walks in, the system adjusts quickly to a comfortable temperature
  • Rooftop HVAC can be upgraded with better controls – helping the unit deliver exactly what’s needed, when needed
  • When these systems get old, it’s time to retire them – replace old or oversized water- and air-cooled chillers with properly sized, high-efficiency chillers for large savings
HVAC Solutions

Stay cool... and don’t pay an extra dime

When it’s nice outside, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of it? Air economizers take in and filter outside air to cool the building. Water-side economizers provide a free cooling option for water-cooled chillers, and they can shut off if not needed.

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