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Grocery Energy Savings

Stock up on fresh ways to save

Are energy savings on your grocery list? Let the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program help your facility save energy and money.

Our grocery offering provides a customized approach for lowering operating costs through energy efficiency upgrades and operational improvements. It all starts with a FREE assessment of your facility conducted by a qualified energy expert.

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What’s In Store for Your Store?

From refrigeration to lighting, we’ll help you discover energy-saving opportunities to lower your operating and maintenance costs while making your store more efficient, comfortable and welcoming.

In addition to a FREE assessment, you’ll receive a customized energy efficiency improvement plan and learn about ComEd incentives that can offset the upfront costs of the improvements to your facility.

Available Incentives

Listed below are examples of incentives for stores between 100-400 kW peak demands. If your store is smaller or larger, or you have a project in mind that's not on the list, contact us today and we'll help you find the right incentives for you.


  • Electronically commutated motors: $75/motor
  • Night covers: $12/linear ft.
  • Anti-sweat door heater controls: $70 or $100/door
  • Gaskets for case doors: $20/ or $40/door
  • Case Doors: $120/linear ft.
  • Refrigeration cases: $60–$210/linear ft.


  • Interior and exterior LEDs: $0.52 or $0.55/W
  • Refrigerated case LEDs: $40/door or $15/linear ft.


  • Kitchen ventilation controls: $500/HP
  • ENERGY STAR® commercial kitchen appliances: Up to $2,000 per appliance


  • Packaged or split A/C and heat pump replacement: $100-$135/ton
  • Advanced rooftop unit console: $40-$100/ton
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Energy savings are in store

Our Energy Efficiency Service Providers will work closely with you to develop an energy efficiency plan that’s specific to your store’s needs. Reach out today to discover what we can do for you.

Ready to Make a Change?


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The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.

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