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Food Service Equipment

New food service equipment is more efficient, saving you money and energy, so you can focus on what really matters—preparing delicious meals for your customers.

Serving consistently great dishes is your business. Helping you get the most energy-efficient equipment is ours. Let us help you earn more per plate and maintain high quality production with upgraded equipment. ENERGY STAR® food service equipment is built to more efficient cooking and usage specifications than standard equipment. You’ll be able to cook faster, maintain consistent cooking, hold temperatures longer and lower your energy bill. A four-star rating!

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Energy Efficiency in the Kitchen

Going from stove to holding area takes speed and consistent temperatures. ENERGY STAR kitchen equipment serves just that purpose:

Electric steam cooker: Better insulation and an efficient steam delivery system means shorter cooking times, lower water use, higher production rates and reduced heat loss

Combination oven: Combine the functions of a hot air convection oven with a superheated steam heating oven; steam, bake, roast, reheat and hold any type of food

Hot food holding cabinet: Keep food hot and hold temperature uniformity longer, from top to bottom, with better insulation

Hood Ventilation

Add Comfort to the Kitchen with Proper Hood Ventilation

Demand control ventilation systems make it easy to control how much the fan needs to work. Kitchen closed? The system automatically slows down. When you start preparing food – grilling meats, frying chicken or baking eggplant lasagna – the system senses the extra heat and smoke and ramps back up. This technology reduces the amount you spend on energy to operate the ventilation fan, and helps keep it from pulling up cooled air when kitchen production slows down.

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Chill... we got this

ENERGY STAR freezers have advanced technologies that provide equal chilling power to standard models but use less energy. They have other features too: advanced evaporators and condenser fan motors, anti-sweat heaters and high-efficiency compressors. Need lots of ice? ENERGY STAR commercial ice machines are more efficient than standard models, use less water and generate less hot air.

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