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Facility Assessments

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Here’s how Facility Assessments work:

1. Preliminary interview:

It starts with a 10-minute phone call from a ComEd energy engineer who will ask pertinent questions and work with you to develop a specific plan for your assessment and schedule a site visit at your facility.

2. Site visit:

A ComEd energy engineer interviews your building staff to learn about your day-to-day operations. Your energy usage is reviewed using ComEd’s FREE online energy management tool that monitors and interprets your facility’s electrical energy usage. Over a few hours, our energy engineer conducts a thorough investigative walkthrough to identify energy-saving strategies.

3. Your assessment report:

A few weeks later, a ComEd energy engineer will review the results of the assessment with you and bring an outreach representative who can discuss next steps. The report identifies incentive opportunities as well as no cost/low cost operational opportunities that may result in energy savings for you. Potential annual energy and dollar savings are shown with simple paybacks and incentive amounts. A financial benefit section groups projects by simple payback, showing the best economic opportunities. An executive summary contains environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas reduction as well as annual energy and dollar savings with total potential incentives dollars if all identified projects are implemented.

Now it’s up to you to reap the benefits!

Find a ComEd Service Provider to do the work. Our Service Providers are our partners, trained in executing our program. A Service Provider can be found in our Service Provider directory. Or select one of your employees or a non-Service Provider contractor to do incentive the work. It’s your choice as to how you want to implement the projects and take advantage of ComEd’s incentives.

Project Snapshots

Large Mall

  • Installed building energy management system
  • 1,714,596 annual kWh savings
  • $200,000 incentive
  • $400,000 project cost
  • 1.5-year simple payback (assuming $0.08/kWh rate)

Pharmacy Headquarters

  • Large multi-building office campus
  • Replaced chiller
  • 153,999 annual kWh savings
  • $45,600 incentive
  • $581,013 project cost
  • Long simple payback of full cost

Large industrial facility

  • Installed 250 hp variable speed drive air compressor (custom measure)
  • 475,308 annual kWh savings
  • $33,271 incentive
  • $119,000 project cost
  • 3.6-year simple payback

Grocery store

  • Replaced multiple open reach-in refrigerated display cases with new high efficiency closed reach-in display cases.
  • 381,800 annual kWh savings
  • $42,100 electric bill savings
  • $262,100 estimated project cost
  • $51,900 incentive
  • 5.0-year simple payback with incentive

Community Hospital (A)

  • Retrofit constant speed centrifugal chillers with variable speed drives
  • 247,000 annual kWh savings
  • $21,600 electric bill savings
  • $114,000 estimated project cost
  • $30,400 incentive
  • 3.9-year simple payback with incentive

Community Hospital (B)

  • Install kitchen hood exhaust demand control ventilation
  • 33,600 annual kWh savings
  • 8,200 therms annual reduction
  • $9,800 electric bill savings
  • $29,000 estimated project cost
  • $2,600 incentive
  • 2.7-year simple payback with ComEd incentive (gas company incentives not included)
Facility Assessments

Why would a facility want an assessment done by ComEd?

It’s FREE and you’ll get insight and, in many cases, cash incentives to make energy-saving investments in your facility.

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