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Energy Management System

Central to EMS is smart software, which building managers can use to monitor equipment, schedule changes, customize programming and respond to usage alerts.

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Most commercial buildings are largely vacant by early evening (except for cleaning crews and night owls), yet lights, heat or air conditioning often stay on around the clock. An energy management system (EMS) is your constant, vigilant guard to regulate these systems when no one’s around, conveniently saving money and energy. And lights, heating systems and air conditioning will last longer with fewer repair issues.

Start Small And Work Your Way Up

You can start off with a basic EMS. Take advantage of modern digital technology and begin with core operations in a central portion of a building, or choose a section that has a very predictable pattern of operations. Then, add more controls or additional building sections later on.

Set And Go

A common problem in the distant past was that an EMS was too difficult to manage, and over time people would just manually override the system. Now, with modern digital technology, remote access and easy-to-use computer dashboard controls, building operators can easily change settings and schedules.

Special alert functions give you an early heads-up when equipment is not running at peak performance — avoiding costlier repairs and downtimes, and reducing tenant complaints.

Energy Management System

Keep guests comfortable and happy

Guest room energy management systems use sensors or key cards that automatically turn on lights and change room temperature when someone enters a room. Advanced systems give front desk staff the ability to set a desired room temperature when people check in. These functions give your guests a comfortable experience, and your business reduced costs.

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