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Elevator Solutions

Project Photo
Project Cost: $142,000
Approximate Incentive Received: $30,000
Estimated Annual Energy Savings 246,000 kWh
Estimated Annual Cost Savings: $22,000*
Estimated Payback Period: 5 years

*All savings based on a ComEd custom incentive cost assumption of $0.0894 per kWh for commercial customers.

Customer Story

Facilities like yours save money and energy every day with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. But have you considered applying for energy efficiency incentives to upgrade your elevators? A ComEd customer earned incentives that covered 20% of the equipment cost for an elevator upgrade. They installed a regenerative drive to efficiently power their six elevator banks within their nine-story building. With the money saved, the customer was able to show a 5-year project payback.But why stop at regenerative drives? There are other money-saving opportunities available to help your bottom line. Below you’ll find descriptions of each elevator upgrade.

Elevator Upgrades

Regenerative Drives

Your elevator’s counterbalance generates energy when it lifts the car up and down. That energy is dispersed into heat within the machine room, creating additional cooling costs. A regenerative drive captures the energy that would otherwise have been turned into heat and stores it to be used to move the elevator car when needed. As a result, you lower your energy bill and other operating costs.

Demand Controlled Ventilation

This upgrade ensures your elevator’s ventilation system works to keep your elevator car comfortable only when occupants are present. After a certain vacancy period, the fan used to push the air into the car shuts off. You’ll lower energy costs as well as the wear and tear on fan parts.


According to ENERGY STAR®, its certified LED bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last at least 15 times longer.

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