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DX Tune-up

The Next Level of HVAC Efficiency

Tune-ups save money and energy, improve HVAC system performance and enhance indoor air quality and occupant comfort.


The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers low-cost tune-ups of HVAC packaged rooftop units and split systems to eligible businesses and public sector facilities. A variety of tune-up options include a thorough inspection of refrigerant charge, coils, belts and upgrade recommendations for optimal performance.

What's in a Tune-Up?

There are numerous ways an HVAC Service Provider can tune up your split and packaged HVAC systems to make sure they are working at optimal performance.

Opportunities can include:

  • Refrigerant Charge and Coil Cleaning: A Service Provider may assess your unit’s refrigerant charge and airflow. A proper charge will extend the compressor’s life and reduce energy consumption. The evaporator and condenser coils will be cleaned if necessary.
  • Cogged V-belts: Replacing smooth belts with cogged v-belts can help your HVAC blower motor run more efficiently and use less energy
  • Economizer: Diagnose the current operating condition of the economizer and in most cases, repair or adjust it to provide as much free cooling from fresh outdoor air as possible
  • Advanced Controls: Upgrades that enable the HVAC system to respond to real-time ventilation needs and reduce energy use for heating, cooling and supply fan motor operations.
  • Advanced Thermostat: Systems are evaluated to ensure proper settings based on the occupancy schedule, ensuring that the unit will only run when needed. Manual thermostats are replaced with advanced thermostats at a low cost to you.

Does the Tune-Up Include Repairs?

Your Service Provider will advise you if your HVAC unit needs repairs.

Eligibility Requirements

For more details about tune-up opportunities and eligibility requirements, visit:

DX Tune-up

Focus on Priorities

Utilizing a Service Provider to complete the tune-up will free time for your maintenance staff to focus on other priorities.

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