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Comprehensive Energy Savings

Savings Illustration

Earn additional project incentives for completing three or more eligible energy efficiency projects within two years.

The Solution

Could additional incentives from ComEd improve your bottom line and lower your energy bill? YES! ComEd can help! By tackling three or more energy efficiency projects - you could receive an additional 20 percent by upgrading your facility. You can take up to two years to complete your projects! Eligible improvements include: indoor/outdoor lighting, controls and sensors HVAC, refrigeration and compressed air.

How to Participate

  • Select three or more project options in this worksheet
  • Apply for pre-approval
  • Complete your projects within two years
  • Receive standard or custom incentives after each completed project
  • Earn an extra 20 percent in project incentives based on the total incentives paid for the three projects

Comprehensive Sample Project

Grocery Customer
Selected Options Without Additional Project Incentives With Additional Project Incentives
LED lighting $11,887.36 $14,264.83
Air-cooled chiller $4,356.00 $5,227.20
Refrigeration equipment $38,601.00 $46,321.20
Total Incentives $54,844.36 $65,813.23

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The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.

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