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Bulb Selection Simplified

Tips for choosing energy-efficient LEDs

Commercial LEDs

Commercial-grade LEDs are designed for all-day use. Their internal components are more durable than LEDs intended for residential properties. Designed to last, they generally come with longer warranties.

Lifespan Approximately 50,000 hours depending on the fixture
Durability Heavy-duty internal components
Applications Variety of bulbs for specialized applications
Warranty Period Minimum three-year warranty


With incandescent bulbs, wattage was the best way to gauge a bulb’s brightness. When looking for an LED that is comparable, you’ll need to look for lumens.

Incandescent (Watts) LED (Watts) LED (Lumens)
40 W 4 - 7 W 450 lm
60 W 6 - 11 W 800 lm
75 W 10 - 13 W 1100 lm
100 W 11 - 18 W 1600 lm


LEDs are available in a variety of styles to fit all fixtures, such as recessed cans, chandeliers and enclosed fixtures. When choosing an LED, make sure it’s appropriate for your specific application. Not sure what type to use? This chart can help you get started.

  Recessed Track-Lighting General Use Display / Retail Office / School Warehouse / Manufacturing Vanity / Chandelier
PAR Check Check   Check Check    
BR Check   Check       Check
MR Check Check   Check     Check
HID   Check   Check Check Check  
Decorative     Check     Check
TLED     Check Check Check Check  
Soft White Bright White Daylight
Lighting demonstration image
2700K 3000K 3500K 4100K 5000K 6500K

Light Appearance

The key to uniform lighting is finding a bulb that matches your existing bulbs’ color temperature. It’s measured in degrees of Kelvin (K). Lighting distributors and contractors can also help you choose.

  • For a warm color, similar to the familiar yellowish light of incandescent bulbs: Choose 2700K to 3000K.
  • For a neutral, bright-white color: Choose 3500K to 4100K.
  • For a cooler color, similar to natural outdoor light: Choose 5000K to 6500K.

Also look for LED bulbs with high color-rendering index (CRI) values. Higher CRI values make colors appear vibrant and enhance visibility.

Bulb Selection Simplified

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