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Networked Lighting Controls

Networked Lighting Controls can reduce the energy consumed by illumination by up to 49%*.

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*Wen, Y., Kehmeir, E., Kisch, T., Springfield A., Luntz, B., and Frey, M. (2020, September 24). Energy Savings from Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems with and without LLLC. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and DesignLights Consortium.

The Basics

Save money and energy by taking control of your lighting system. After completing a FREE assessment of your facility, an authorized ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Service Provider will help you develop and implement a plan that will optimize your energy use. We’ll work around your schedule to ensure convenient installation of the upgrades that you select. Plus, ComEd offers incentives that can cover as much as 75% of your project cost.


  • Monitoring: Understand your facility’s energy use, ensuring maximum efficiency and savings.
  • Daylight Harvesting: Make the most of natural light by controlling lighting system output and intensity.
  • Accessibility: Interact with your lighting system remotely to ensure you’re always in control.
  • Improve Lamp Life: Reduce total hours that lights are on, thereby extending the life of your lighting equipment.
Advanced Lighting Controls

Ditch the Switch

Ditch the switch and bring your facility’s lighting into the 21st century!

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