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The Village of Bourbonnais

Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: The Village of Bourbonnais
Energy-saving improvements Lighting replacement
Estimated annual energy savings 535,316 kWh
Estimated annual electric cost savings $47,911*
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Incentive $5,658
Project cost after incentives $70,007
Estimated payback after incentives 1 year, 6 months

*Estimated annual cost savings are based on an electricity rate of 8.95 cents per kWh.

Project Summary

Bob Steinke, Electrical Inspector and former Building Commissioner for the Village of Bourbonnais, first learned about the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program in July 2018. During a preliminary meeting, an Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP) identified a simple lighting project replacing 82 HID light fixtures with LEDs in one Public Works building. The result for this one project: estimated annual savings of $7,370. The time to complete the project? ONE WEEK!

After realizing the potential money and energy savings for the village, Bob worked with the EESP to quickly identify five additional energy-efficiency projects.

Positive results created a drive to find and share more opportunities. The village also upgraded parks, street lighting1, and found operational savings2. In just over a year, Public Small Facilities incentives totaling $124,249 had helped upgrade over nine hundred fluorescent, incandescent, and HID fixtures with energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED technology.

The range of installations included canopies, overheads, highbays, wallpacks, floods, post tops, pole lights, emergency lighting, and exit signs. The incentives also helped add over two hundred occupancy sensors to avoid lighting unoccupied areas. By 2020, various organizations in the Village of Bourbonnais had completed 15 total energy efficiency projects, resulting in $47,911 estimated annual energy savings3.

“The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program team worked with us making the process easy to understand and helping us identify and apply for incentives. The ComEd incentives minimized our out-of-pocket costs, making the projects feasible.”

Bob Steinke, Electrical Inspector and former Building Commissioner for the Village of Bourbonnais

Project Benefits

The new LED fixtures are expected to maintain the upgraded lighting quality for 20 years, greatly reducing annual maintenance costs, improving village aesthetics and increasing public safety.

The service provider expedited the process and completed the incentive paperwork, leaving only the tasks of choosing the options and signing. The total estimated savings for all 15 projects are $47,911 and 535,316 kWh per year— all from a village of 19,526 people.

Spreading the Word

Bob was so happy with the results that he helped others in the village learn about saving money and energy through the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Since the first five projects, seven additional energy efficiency projects were completed for Bourbonnais Township Park District, Bourbonnais Library, Liberty Intermediate School, and Bourbonnais Fire Protection District.

“Better lighting has enhanced the Village of Bourbonnais’ appearance. From the police department, public works department, parks, streetlights... they are now more secure and safe. Even better, we are saving energy and over $47k annually. It really is a win-win for all.”

Bob Steinke, Electrical Inspector and former Building Commissioner for the Village of Bourbonnais

1Street lighting was upgraded through the LED Streetlights offering. 

2Operational savings through the Facility Assessment offering (accounts 100kW peak demand and over).

3Estimated savings based on a facility electricity rate of $0.895 per kWh, which is the average blended electric rate for commercial buildings in the State of Illinois according to the Energy Information Administration.

The Village of Bourbonnais

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